Health Freedom Under Attack!

Of all the liberties promised to us by the constitution, health freedom is arguably the most valuable.

Never has that been truer than today.

Roger Stone called it over a year ago, March 23, 2019, when delivering the keynote speech at the Academy of Regenerative Practices’ Annual Convention.

As President of ARP and someone who has been fighting for patients’ rights for years, I was very pleased to hear Roger take this stand.  That’s because I have spent more than 20 years dedicating my life to the scientific study of how we can use our own healing stem cells to repair damaged tissue and heal ourselves of chronic disease — without the ongoing use of chemicals, drugs and other ‘treatments’ that often come with side effects that include death.

How did I get started in stem cell research? I learned our fat tissue (adipose) has more than 500 times more stem cells than any other part of the human body. Finally, a use for our fat!  I began studying these ‘autologous’ cells which are plentiful in every human, more than twenty years ago. And I began to learn about the effects of these healing cells on damaged tissue and how they can be therapeutic in autoimmune, orthopedic, degenerative and neurological conditions. These are cells that have the potential to create miracles!

Now, as one of the most published autologous, adipose derived stem cell research scientists in the world, I have dedicated my career to innovating and teaching other doctors how to do the same thing. In ten years, I have now trained almost 800 physicians in how to use this therapy in their own practice, in order to help Americans get rid of chronic pain and off dangerous, chronic use drugs like opiates.  

 Unfortunately, not everyone is as excited as I am about this news. Instead of supporting and celebrating this research, regulatory agencies that are controlled by our pharmaceutical industry have invested their resources to stop me from continuing my work, and in the process are now preventing Americans from accessing their healing cells by threatening to destroy harvested cells that Americans have banked, blocking their use, and weaponizing the legal system to try to get our OWN stem cells classified as a DRUG.

That’s right… the most holistic form of stem cell therapy is being destroyed by our own FDA. They are selling our rights to use our own cells to the highest bidder, which happens to be their former colleagues and cronies who use the regulatory agency much like the CDC — as a revolving door to the industries they are supposed to regulate.

Instead of standing up for our health freedoms, they are too busy lining the pockets of influencers like Michael Cohen, who received $100k a month from Novartis for a total of $1.2m, to ‘influence policy.’ It worked; in 2017 the FDA fast-tracked Novartis’ CarT product, a genetically modified stem cell product that costs consumers $500k a dose. Why would we need to treat patients with a genetically altered stem cell product when the ones we grow in our own bodies are custom made to repair damaged tissue, and cost as little as $6k for a harvest that can yield 20-25 doses?

Follow the money.

The idea that patients would walk into the clinic with the therapy already in their body is NOT the paradigm the pharmaceutical industry  had in mind. Instead of protecting our rights to access these healing cells,  the FDA sent a warning letter to our clinic the SAME WEEK the Novartis product received fast-track approval. The intent of their letter was to pressure us into halting these kinds of holistic stem cell treatments while simultaneously weaponizing the mainstream media cartel who continue to marginalize our protocols and my background.

Their mission? Discredit my work and shut down the industry.

At the center of all of this swirl is Director of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) at the FDA, Peter Marks.  Even though Marks is a former Senior Director, Clinical Development, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, that information has been conveniently scrubbed from the internet and from his bio at the FDA.

Marks is lining the pockets of his cronies and his stock portfolio (wonder how much Novartis stock he owns?), fast tracking drugs like CarT, as well as a $2.1M a dose Novartis product in 2019 which is the most expensive product in FDA history. Who’s buying these drugs!?! He should be ashamed of himself and instead of getting away with this should be held accountable for blocking Americans’ access to holistic, innovative treatments like autologous stem cell therapy, so that we can have the right to make our own choices about our health. 

Never has that statement been more true than right now.

Consider the national crisis we are currently facing, and the potential for healing with stem cells demonstrated by a COPD lung study I published a few years ago. My research shows a great healing potential for using our own healing cells in treating lung disorders — an important consideration given the respiratory challenges we face right now with the COVID-19 infection that has traumatized our nation and shut down the most thriving economy in the history of our country.

Just last week, the wife of one of the physicians I trained in this procedure called me from Colorado to inform me her husband was in critical condition having tested positive for COVID-19. The wife ordered a dose of her husband’s OWN healing stem cells he had previously stored in an FDA registered tissue bank for precisely this type of emergency.

Despite signing every waiver known to man to release the hospital from any liability (the hospital already had protection from any liability under the Countermeasures Act signed by Azar at HHS in March), upon arrival, his dose of powerful, healing cells sat untouched by his beside while he remained on a ventilator in a coma for 14 days.

This is an appalling breach of trust and this patient’s civil liberties. And it’s a perfect example of how we have already lost our health freedoms.

Under our current system, we are allowed to prepare advance directives that give us the right to use DNR orders (do not resuscitate) once we are at the end of life. But we are NOT allowed to prepare advance directives that give us the right to LIVE, by putting in place orders of using our own stem cells to heal our bodies in a time of crisis? This is an appalling truth.

This was not the first time the Colorado doctor as a patient had requested his cells; he successfully used them in the past for a variety of different indications.  Unfortunately, in this instance, he was in a hospital environment instead of a clinical setting, which exposed him to a full set of hospital administrators and lawyers who blocked his health freedom out of their own fear and ignorance.

His wife, as the power of attorney, requested that these cells be administered immediately and pleaded with the hospital administration and the attending physician to administer his healing stem cells.  The hospital administration denied these requests multiple times, and even when the cells were at his bedside, they repeatedly refused treatment stating he was ‘too critical’ and that if they administered his  cells and he died, they could be liable.

This is an outright affront to our rights as Americans.  What about right-to-try laws, you might ask? Laws that are supposedly put in place to give patient power to make their own medical decisions, even if their choice is experimental or novel?   Preposterously, all right-to-try laws in the United States are limited to pharmaceutical drugs only.  Are your own cells a drug?  I would say not.  Especially since you can’t patent them, bottle them and sell them to the masses. 

In March of 2019 at the Academy of Regenerative Practices, a group of scientists, physicians and health freedom activists gathered at the annual conference in Ft. Lauderdale to discuss these concerns. I wonder if Roger Stone knew how prophetic he was when he predicted that “health freedom will be a major issue in the 2020 election.” With what the FDA has already done, and with what the World Health Organization (WHO) and Bill Gates and his aggressive vaccine machine are pushing down the throats of the American people, mandatory testing and this out-of-control narrative is one step from Show Me your Papers. I think even Roger must be surprised that his prediction has hit the level of concern it has reached today.

After seeing enough people heal from their own stem cells — freeing themselves from oxygen dependency, getting out of wheelchairs, ridding themselves of orthopedic degeneration, reversing psoriasis — I am standing up to the FDA. To big pharma. To tyranny and globalist agendas that would take even more of our freedoms away.  I stand with Roger to fight for the rights of Americans to have access to health freedom.  

America, we need to wake up.  We are not free to choose our health care and the noose is tightening. I urge you to stand with me and protect your right to heal.

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