Dr. George Love, Jr., OMD

Dr. George Love, Jr., Doctor of Oriental Medicine and founder of 5LOVETRANSFORMATIONS, is a Florida licensed primary care physician and Board certified Acupuncture physician since 1986.

He has engaged in the private practice of Herbology, Acupuncture and Nutrition since January 1981. Dr. Love received a Bachelor of Arts 1966 and Masters In Biology degree from Temple University in 1976. In 1982, he received a Ph.D. in Sports Medicine from the American College Sports Medicine.

After George Xavier Love started his private practice, he met Prof. John B.Y. Lee aka Li Bing Yuan, a Taoist scholar and Qigong master. He was accepted as a student and within three years he received his Oriental Medical Doctor degree in 1984 from the Beijing Longevity & Rejuvenation Institute in Virginia.

He began teaching Qigong classes for Master Lee in 1985. In 1994 Master Lee conferred upon him the lineage of his family Qigong. He was given the name Zhenwu and made the 13th lineage holder of Qing Long Qigong. As the lineage holder, he was asked to write a book and perform qigong healing that is called Blue Dragon Immortal Qigong. The responsibility of being the lineage holder required him to teach and travel so that the formerly hidden knowledge would be securely planted in the West.

Dr. Love was the co-Founder of The Kitchen Physician School of Natural Healing in Boca Raton from 1994-1999, and was the director of Amazing Herbs & Acupuncture from 1999 through 2003. From July 1989 through July 1994, Dr. Love was a director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Wellness Centers, as well as the founder of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Program For Psychoneuroimmunology. He has written ten books on Health and Nutrition from clinical experience. Dr. Love is also a producer of several South Florida local radio shows, Of Mind &
Medicine, The Natural Doctors, Your Herbal Medicine Chest and The Kitchen Physician. “Roots11 – the 411 on Herbs and Your Health” is his new internet radio program on the Blogtalkradio.com network.

He is also an international lecturer, author and a former Professor at three local acupuncture schools. Dr. Love served as Dean of Acupuncture at the Barna College of Health Sciences in Fort Lauderdale. He was also professor at Community School of Traditional Chinese Healthcare and guest lecturer at South East Acupuncture College.

Currently, Dr. Love is touring the USA, Caribbean and Central America with 5LOVETRANSFORMATIONS Weekend Workshops and week long intensive retreats.

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