Caroline de Posada, Esq.

Nurturing special relationships can be a daunting task when you travel often or work long hours. Physicians, scientists, and innovators have demanding careers that require long hours and time away from their families. However, their work is meaningful and a service to mankind. In
this inspirational keynote, Caroline de Posada transforms the way these busy professionals manage the demands of work and family to reduce stress and build foundations for success.

The daughter of divorced, working parents and a father who traveled 80% of the time, Caroline shares three simple promises her father made and kept to create an unbreakable bond with his daughter. Caroline explores her father’s secret 17 year battle with cancer and his valiant search for science to cure his disease. In this engaging presentation, Caroline will deliver a personal account of the importance of stem-cell research, the value of the Academy of Regenerative
practices and the role of caring physicians in the lives of their patients.