JR Burgess

Jerry Ray Burgess is the CEO of Rejuv Medical and MedFit. His mission is to help re-define the future of healthcare using exercise and nutrition as medicine.

With the uncertainty regarding the future of the Health Care System, physicians and private practices are looking for solutions during these fearful and uncertain economic times. There is fear that the Affordable Health Care Act will make it difficult for private practices to survive and for doctors to make the living they deserve. Facts are, with rising costs, reimbursements are sure to be cut. Fortunately, there is a new cash based model that doctors are implementing that can have both a positive financial outcome for your practice but it provides a solution to rising health care costs by reducing obesity. The obesity epidemic and the incidence of disease and injury have forced the need for a preventable, medically integrated, outcome based model of medical fitness. Today’s crisis leads to a new spectrum that will combat rising health care costs and lower reimbursements. It is my focus along with several other affiliations such as the Medical Fitness Association to help bridge the gap between traditional treatments and long-term prevention.