Falk Heinrichsohn

Falk Heinrichsohn

Alternative medical treatment in the 21st Century.

Falk Heinrichsohn, born in 1946, in Schkoena, former German Democratic Republic, immigrated to Western Germany with parents when 7 years old, lived in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt during his first years of life.

He studied Betriebswirtschaft / Industrial Science in Ludwighafen and graduated in 1972 as Betriebswirt (MBA equivalent) and entered Merck, Germany responsible for business consultancy in chemical and pharmaceuticals in various South East Asian countries.

Passionate about health and wellness the move to Merck was a natural fit. After various positions at Merck´s Headquarter in Germany, he started his global journey as a General Manager and Director in 1980 which brought him to many different countries for Merck KGaA and Merck-Serono.

Falk lived and worked besides in Germany, in Liechtenstein, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Hungary and Portugal where he established or changed company setups to develop new business or improved existing business and structures.

His passion to help people resulted, that during his Management activity at Merck Portugal, he established in 2006 a foundation, called Fundação Século XXI – Sáude e Vida. The Foundation did promote science with art, by bringing them together in exhibitions under the umbrella theme of “Esperança de Vida” to sponsor young artists, health related associations and individuals with medical problems, like Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer and Rare Diseases.

He stayed on as president until 2011. In 2012, he concentrated on his own medical related consulting activity by focusing on cell and wellness treatment with his company Aristoloft Lda, created earlier, to support unmet medical needs further.

In 2012, he became a consultant to various global leading alternative health and wellness companies and developed the first European affiliated stem cell clinic in Malta in 2014, and in 2016 a clinic in Czech Republic joined, various others are under discussion, including a clinic setup with financial partners, where expansion of adult stem cells and its utilization will be possible within Europe but in a country outside the EU regulation.

The subject “Patients right and possibility to individual stem cell treatments” reflects on his present activity.