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APS Farmacy

APS Farmacy specializes in compounding customized medications designed specifically for each individual patient`s needs. The APS team works closely with physicians and patients to improve patients outcomes; medication doesn`t have to be “one size fits all”…

APEX Biologix

APEX Biologix provides top of the line regenerative medicine products, continued education, and premium marketing services to insure and support the success of your practice in regenerative medicine. Our concentration system offers the best processing technique to maximize patient outcomes. Our system creates a highly concentrated injectate of platelets, stem cells, and growth factors depending on the procedure being performed. APEX Biologix also offers Hands-on Training Courses led by our established team of medical experts to enhance your knowledge of regenerative medicine. Looking for new patients? Look no further, APEX Biologix specializes in marketing these therapies. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to include regenerative medicine to your existing practice, we can help.

BioSpherix Medical


Cytocentric gives you the advantage

CYTOCENTRIC™ is a new and better way to grow and manipulate cells in vitro. It goes beyond the needs of people, to meet the needs of cells. Meeting the needs of your cells is a lofty aspiration, a noble if somewhat existential altruistic notion, and fully worthy of a radical and passionate advocacy. But don`t be fooled. Cytocentricity is self-serving. It really benefits you!


Our mission is to help people perform better, think faster, and live better using a proven blend of ancient knowledge and brand new technologies, tempered by research, science, and measured results from our customers, top athletes, and medical professionals.

Cell Surgical Network

The affiliates of the Cell Surgical Network® (CSN) are devoted to advancing access and quality care in the area of adult stem cell regenerative medicine in order to help people suffering from a variety of inflammatory and degenerative conditions.

DIGIVision Media™

DIGIVision Media™ is the Premier Archive of major medical conferences, lectures, courses, work-shops, seminars and trainings organized in the world.

Equip For Skin

We have worked for and focused on international sales and distribution of aesthetics and fat and stem cell devices and products as below for over 15 years.

1. Austem HDF fat grafting & SVF stem cell manual system

2. Cultured stem cell derived growth factors and tri-mer-peptide cosmeceuticals

3. Now a new automatic SVF and BMSC isolation system, Auto-Cell Station and all-in-one closed kit.

The new automatic Cell Station system is a closed and automatic system  for both SVF and BMSC isolation with high cell isolation rate. For any questions, please contact us at


Neogenis Medical/HumanN

About HumanN, formerly Neogenis® Medical:

– HumanN is the world leader in nitric oxide sciense with over 15 years of research, 7 issued patents and 6 published clinical trials.

– Neo40 Proffesional is clinically shown to increase N-O levels, which is essential for proper endothelial function and cardiovascular health.

– Neo40, created at the University of Texas through 15 years of research, is the only technology that has been patented and proven to generate authentic N-O gas.



We Walk Into Six & Seven-Figure Practices, Find and Plug “Leaks” Worth Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars, and Help Them Double, Triple, or Even 10X Their Net Profits Within 12 Months.
InvigoMEDIA is the leader in providing clients with the best
marketing applications around. We work from the inside out to give you celebrity-like status in your market. How? By creating strategic programs and “playbooks” designed to exponentially grow your practice. Your prospects will KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you BEFORE they ever do business with you. Let us automate your patient lead-generation tasks so you can do what you do best. Working with your staff means that we can create RAVING and LOYAL fans and close higher “CASH”-paying patients. We’re your “DONE-4-YOU” content, social, traffic and conversion team all under one roof.


Expanding the field of Medical Fitness and Regenerative Medicine across America and now the world. We do this using a turn-key medical fitness system that we have created and have a fully supported coaching team to enhance clinical outcomes and help physicians become more profitable entrepreneurs.

Medical Wave

Medical Wave specializes in the most advanced and effective Pressure Wave/Shockwave technology in the world today, hand made by Storz Medical. Our device is currently being used by leading regenerative medicine specialists to enhance treatment protocols. It works as a great stand alone device reporting a 91% success rate according to clinical studies or as a dual modality with PRP and stem cell injections. It preps an area prior to injection, creating a more permeable site, breaking up scar tissue and/or adhesions thus creating a better patient outcomes.
Medical Wave provides superior service and equipment, excellent marketing support and patient education which results in physicians being able to provide the absolute best care for patients to experience optimal results improving their overall quality of life while at the same time increasing practice revenues.

Regenerative Outcomes Foundation

The mission of The Regenerative Outcomes Foundation is to improve, support, and maintain access to regenerative medical therapies by patients suffering from chronic, debilitating conditions, and to help them and their providers achieve best outcomes in health and quality of


Autologous Cellular Technologies & Therapeutics

Providing Resources and Productes Nationwide to expand the use of Autologous Cellular Biologics
Marrow Cellution: The patient pending Marrow Cellution system maximizes the yield of stem and progenitor cells by giving the clinician the ability to efficiently harvest bone marrow from multiple levels within the medullary space, while restricting dilution caused by peripheral blood.

Aspirate to Application Without Centrifugation


Dr. Tami is the only doctor in Seattle entrusted with participating in a National Clinical Trial study that is registered with the FDA for Stem Cell Therapy. She is also anational best selling author, you can be assured that you have found the right doctor to help you achieve your health goals.

Tulip Medical

“Premium adipose harvesting and injection instrumentation from the fat transfer experts at Tulip Medical Products. Each Tulip instrument is designed to preserve tissue viability and to make harvesting and injection easy, quick and safe. Tulip Medical – Delivering the Benefits of Fat to Millions™”

U.S. Stem Cell Training Inc

U.S. Stem Cell Training Inc., is a multi-mode training company that offers educational courses on regenerative medicine. Our in-person and online training courses focus on the minimally invasive technique of harvesting adult, autologous stem cells from adipose tissue and bone marrow. We also provide training on Platelet Rich Plasma isolation techniques. Visit our website today for more information:

Whale Imaging, Inc

Whale Imaging, Inc. is a rapidly growing high-tech company engaged in the development, manufacturing, marketing, and service of surgical imaging systems for medical markets around the globe. Led by a highly experienced international management and engineering team, Whale’s Global Marketing and R&D facilities are headquartered in the Greater Boston Area. In addition to G-Arm® bi-plane surgical imaging technology, Whale Imaging also produces the new Sigma Series portable ultrasound systems. Whale’s innovative IP, coupled with low-cost manufacturing capabilities, enable the company to create disruptive new technologies at competitive prices.